Hereford guitar lessons teacher tuition

(Karandeep Danjaul – Studio Guitarist for Envy Entertainments Ltd)
“As a guitar player I have found my last couple of months with Josh to be the most enjoyable, knowledgeable and influential in my years of playing, he has had a very positive effect on my playing, he has added extra flow, feel and colour to my style of playing. He showed me the difference between playing guitar in the studio/recording as well as playing guitar live on stage. He has shown me the key skills to make me the best I can be. Before meeting Josh I didn’t know there was so much exciting things about guitar playing, which he has now helped me to discover. I believe him to be a big influence to my style of playing and he has helped make me be the guitarist I am today, which has helped me to express more creativity and energy when going into the studio. ”

“I found Josh’s passion for guitar really rubbed off on me and I am now more enthusiastic and encouraged about playing than I have ever been. The teaching was fantastic and I highly recommend Josh to all.”– James Hunt

“I had guitar lessons for 3 years before I tried to teach myself using the internet and so far I have learned more in 3 weeks with Josh than I have in all the time I have been playing” – Alex Hodges