About me

Hereford guitar lessons teacher tuition

My Approach

My teaching methods are designed to give you a structured path when learning the guitar. My lessons will give you the tools you need to progress as fast as possible!

Whether you just want to learn a few chords, or if you want to play like your heroes I can tailor the lessons to suit your goals!

My Experience

  • I have taught in local schools and privately, people aged from 7 to 70.
  • I have also taught my students how to record their own demos and help them to develop their songwriting skills and grow as artists.
  • A few of my students have gone on to be featured on local radio.
  • One of my students has since gone on to perform on multiple tracks which have achieved number 1 status on the worldwide ITunes charts.

Bio – Just a bit about me.

Hi, my name is Josh Davies

Hereford guitar lessons josh davies

My background in music was fashioned at the age of 8 when I became infatuated with the guitar, my passion in music has been my driving force and I have enjoyed every moment I’ve spent learning and researching all aspects of music.

Having studied music at College I left my home city of Hereford to move to Bristol to further my musical education.  During my time studying at BIMM BRISTOL – BATH SPA University I was lucky enough to be taught by some big names including Guthrie Govan, Keiron pepper – The prodigy, Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, David Lee Roth band, Racer X and Steve Vai Band).

My knowledge of Music is pretty wide and varied as I enjoy to read and follow anything new in the Music world from new technologies (such as recording studios and producing techniques to finding out more about advancements in electrical equipment, amps, hardware for guitars etc).  I am fanatical about improving my own playing skills ever trying to reach perfection.  I spend many hours on the internet researching famous bands and individuals.  I particularly like to emulate the playing skills of some past and present guitarists admiring the people who brought about new ways to achieve different sounds.

Since I started teaching guitar professionally I have taught people of all ages, many of which have been interested in Rock whilst others have enjoyed learning Jazz, Reggae, Pop etc.

I started introducing various strategies to help my students learn to play the guitar and understand the theory which accelerated their learning and understanding, helping them to develop their talents, whilst at the same time nurturing their passion for music.  (As you are probably aware everyone has their own personal goals, whether it’s learning a particular song or just wanting to improve their techniques).

Throughout my teaching career I have been driven to help students achieve their very best. I strongly believe that music has the power to change lives – to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people and serve as a profound medium of personal expression.